Choosing a good birthday gift can make the recipient feel special, particularly if the item is something personalized, hand-tailored or custom-made. When selecting a gift for my younger sister Olga, a German laywer, I tried to think of something that is meaningful and very functional at the same time. I wanted her to associate this gift with me and our relationship every time she saw it. So I decided to sew a lawyer’s robe for her.Lawyer's robe

Well, I love challenges! I have never seen the German lawyer’s robe before, so the pictures I found in the internet gave me the general idea of the future garment.

Lawyer's robeThis was also the great opportunity to try the pattern modifications so much feared before. I based the robe on the pattern of long hippie coat from Burdastyle. To make it more difficult was the fact that I had to sew the robe without fitting, as she lives in Germany.


The robe is in a lightweight wool, the cloth has a light feel and being a natural textile it has a breathable quality that makes it cool to wear and offers the softest and most luxurious feel to the touch. It also offers the same comfort and static-resistant qualities of an all-natural fabric.Lawyer's gown

Front features concealed fly front with black and golden buttons and button holes.Lawyer's robe

The lining is black with golden stripes, there is a personalised satin label.

Lawyer's gown

Back has a nice form-fitting curvette yoke. As for the bell bottom sleeve, it features three pleats, on the right sleeve there are button and closure for a comfort during writing.Lawyer's robe

The right pocket has a free access to inner clothes.

She uses the robe on a day-to-day basis and is very happy about it.


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